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Saltwater Reels

49 Products
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Learn More About Saltwater Reels

Product Selection

Field & Stream has an outstanding selection of professional-grade saltwater reels from top brands like Shimano®, Quantum®, Daiwa®, PENN® and more. Whether you're looking for a reliable reel for landing standard-size saltwater species or a baitcasting reel to haul in big game in deep waters, you'll find what you need at Field & Stream. Choose from reels made with durable, lightweight aluminum or resilient graphite models, all built with corrosion-resistant materials and carefully crafted mechanisms that will deliver season after season. Shop saltwater fishing reels and find options for beginners, serious sport fishermen, and marine masters.

Buying Considerations

Choosing the right fishing reel for your style and preferences is essential to your success in the sport. Our selection of saltwater spinning reels is designed to provide any established or aspiring fishing enthusiast with the equipment that fits them. Spinning reel options have evolved significantly over the years, with larger boats and more powerful motors enabling adventurous anglers to push further out into the open ocean. Field & Stream carries a special assortment of heavy duty baitcasting reels ideal for bringing in big scores.

Quick Tips

Every saltwater reel in our assortment is built for years of performance, and you can extend the life of your equipment even further with the proper care. Saltwater reels endure a surprising amount of damage from sea water, sun exposure and other atmospheric conditions, and you can minimize the impact of these factors on your equipment with some basic maintenance. Reels should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure their proper function over time. They should also be thoroughly cleaned if they fall into salt water. Avoid exposing your reel to impacts against surfaces such as rocks, boat decks, hard floors or cement, as they can create fine scratches and dents that make the reel vulnerable to interior water damage. Never expose your reel to sand, as the tiny individual grains can easily get into the inner workings and cause malfunctions or even irreparable damage. Keep your reel shielded from heavy ocean spray to minimize forceful water penetration, and be sure to rinse your reel under gently running fresh water directly after fishing. Remove the spool and leave it to dry completely before reassembling it. Deep cleanings should be performed by removing the line and backing before scrubbing the reel with warm, soapy water, carefully removing the crystals of salt that have built up during your time on the water. Rinse and dry your reel, then store it in a cool, dry area to find it in perfect condition on your next fishing trip.