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Spincast Combos

26 Products
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Learn More About Spincast Combos


Carry on your fishing tradition with a spincast rod and reel combo from Field & Stream. You’ll find a great selection of spincast outfits for fishing the most popular species, everything from trout and bass to muskie and pike. Shop spincast combos from top brands like Zebco®, Shakespeare® and more. Choose from a variety of rod lengths, whether you need a 24-inch kids’ fishing rod or an 8-foot spincast combo for more serious excursions.

Once you choose your new combo, stock up on fishing essentials like baits and luresand terminal tackle.

Buying Considerations

Spincast reels are popular with new and experienced anglers alike. With its ease of use and resistance to tangling, the spincast combo is a great choice for beginners, especially children learning to fish for the first time.

There are only two types of spincast combos: push-button or trigger. On push-button combos, the reel sits on top of a baitcasting rod. To cast, you simply push the button with your thumb, hold it as you pull the rod back, and let it go as your swing the rod forward to release the line. Trigger-cast, or underspin spincast reels sit underneath of a spinning rod. The cast is the same as it is with a push-button reel, except you use your finger to control the trigger.

There are a few more considerations you should make before selecting your new spincast reel and rod:

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio represents how fast the spincast reel retrieves line. For example, if the gear ratio is 4:1, that means the line winds around the spool four times for every crank of the handle. The higher the gear ratio, the faster line is retrieved.


Spincast reels typically have two to six ball bearings. Typically, more bearings means better performance.


Many spincast combos come pre-spooled and can be used right “out of the box.” If you need to add or replace fishing line, make sure it meets the specifications of your combo.