Welcome Field And Stream Archery Services

Make sure your bow is ready to go with a visit to a Field Tech Bow specialist at your local Field & Stream store. Our experienced technicians will get your bow operating at peak performance. Whether you need a full bow set-up or a little fine-tuning, we'll make sure you stay on target with every shot.

Bow Services

Basic Bow Set Up

$15  | Free with Bow Purchase

Installation of sights, rest, peep, and kisser

Crossbow Mount & Sight In

$20  | Free with Bow Purchase

Basic Tune

$20  | Free with Bow Purchase

Center shot rest, check weight & draw length, nock point, peep, wax string & paper tune

Super Tune


Safety Check, tune rest & tiller, adjust weight, wax string, total bow disassembly, lube axels & limb pockets, check timing, chronograph and paper tune.

Paper Tune


Tech assistance included

Peep Sight Install

$10  | Free with Peep Purchase

Sight Install

$5  | Free with Peep Purchase

Capture Rest Install

$5   | Free with Rest Purchase

Drop Away Rest Install

$10  | Free with Rest Purchase

Quiver Install

$3  | Free with Quiver Purchase

D-Loop Install

$3  | Free with D-Loop Purchase

Kisser Install

$3  | Free with Kisser Purchase

Silencer Install

$8  | Free with Silencer Purchase

Cable Guard Install

$5  | Free with Guard Purchase

Bow Re-String


Replace Cables


Reserve Center Serving


Reserve String (Loop End)




Draw Length Adjustment


Draw Weight Adjustment


Wax String


Arrow Services

Quick Fletch

$0.50  | Free with Quick Fletch Purchase

Standard Fletching

$3  | Free with Fletching Purchase

6 Arrows Cut & Insert Install

$6  | Free with Arrow Purchase

* All online purchases qualify for in-store services with proof of purchase.

* All prices are for labor only. Parts are additional unless otherwise noted.

* Hunting licenses are available in most locations - see store for pricing.