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    Trade-in is subject to the Company’s Firearm Trade-In Policy:

    • Field & Stream stores buy, trade and sell pre-owned firearms. The appraised value of your pre-owned firearm can be credited towards the purchase of another firearm or paid out via cash, check or gift card.
    • Customers must complete a Form 4473 and meet all federal, state and local requirements, including passing the required background check in order to complete a firearm trade-in for a new firearm.
      • In the event of a DELAYED background check response, the customer’s firearm will be withheld until a proceed response is received.
      • In the event of a DENIED background check response or if you are a prohibited possessor, the customer’s firearm will be withheld and relinquished to the local police. The customer must contact the local police to retrieve the firearm.
    • Buyers of pre-owned firearms agree and acknowledge that the pre-owned firearm you are purchasing is being sold as-is and we are not certifying that the firearm is in working condition.
    • In certain stores other requirements may be required.
    • See store for additional details.
    • You must be 21 years or older to purchase firearms