Beretta Shotguns A300 series


The Beretta® A300 Shotgun provides unbeatable performance and great value out of the box. With it's 3" chamber and self-cleaning piston, the A300 is there to get the job done with Beretta-style quality and reliability. The A300 is made of the proprietary steel blends that have made Beretta shotguns famous for their durability. The Mobilchoke barrel is designed to shrug off the pounding of heavy hunting loads, giving you a long-lasting tool that will work as hard as you need it to. But in spite of its toughness, the A300 is light, feels lively in the hands and easily follows your eyes to the target, thanks to the low-profile action. And its impeccable balance make it feel even lighter than its 7.25 lbs, meaning that this attractively-priced shotgun will give you premium shootability in spite of its unbeatable value.

  • Long-lasting Mobilchoke Barrel
  • Well balanced and light at 7.25 lb
  • Shoots 2 3/4", and 3" shells
  • Adjustable Length of Pull
  • Self-cleaning Gas Piston
  • Breaks down to 4 major parts for easy cleaning


  • Model: A300 Outlander
  • Gauge: 12
  • Finish: Wood, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Chamber Length: 3"
A400 Series


The Beretta® A400 concept is designed with one goal: to naturally follow your eye to the target. The A400 action gives you the fastest follow-up shots on the market, shooting 36% faster than any other type of semiauto shotgun. Combining hydraulic shock-absorbers with an ultra-soft Micro-Core butt-pad, these systems work together to minimize not only the recoil from the cartridge ignition and firing, but also from the backward-movement of the bolt. Altogether, these recoil-reduction devices decrease felt recoil by 70%, meaning that you can enjoy a longer day in the field or at the range without your shoulder paying the price. Available in a variety of finishes, the A400 is engineered for versatility, consistency, toughness and durability with a new, improved gas piston making assembly and disassembly quick and easy.

  • Extremely fast follow up shots
  • Advanced recoil-reduction systems
  • Designed to recoil parallel to the comb making it easy on the cheek
  • Beretta Steelium barrel provides consistency, toughness and durability
  • Low profile action for better control of swing


  • Model: A400 Xcel, A400 Xplor, A400 Xtreme
  • Gauge: 12, 12/20
  • Finish: Wood, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades
  • Barrel Length: 26", 28", 30"
  • Chamber Length: 3", 3.5"


Beretta® Over/Under Shotguns offer the best in form and function. Two conical locking lugs at mid-action, right between the barrels give vault-like locking strength while keeping the profile considerably lower. Low action profiles keep your eye closer to the plane of your shooting hand which helps provide you with better hand-eye coordination and a more accurate swing. A variety of finishes and embellishments provide all the elegance you can expect from a Beretta.

  • Action is engineered to withstand tens of thousands of rounds
  • Adjustable trigger, ejection-extraction, and balance
  • A wider and heavier receiver to offer more stability and ease of handling
  • OptimaBore Steelium barrels increase shot consistency and accuracy, and lower felt recoil and muzzle rise


  • Model: 692, 686 Silver Pigeon, 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting
  • Gauge: 12, 12/20, 20
  • Finish: Oil Finished, Polished Wood
  • Barrel Length: 28", 30", 32"
  • Chamber Length: 2 3/4", 3"

The Best Beretta Shotguns

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Beretta shotguns are part of a firearms tradition that dates back to 1526, when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta sold arquebus barrels to the Venice armory, signifying the launch of an iconic brand. Built on five centuries of experience, Beretta continues to stand for quality without compromise.

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